Project Posters


Cutthroat Trout Response to Instream Habitat Improvements

PDF Poster (2017) — Megan Brauner, Tyson Hallbert, Ernest Keeley

Rivers Across Time: Portneuf and Upper Snake Rivers

PDF Poster (2017) — Joel Adams, Yolonda Youngs, and Madison Hanousek

Shaping Opinion: How Narratives Affect Policy Preferences of the Portneuf River

PDF Poster (2017) — Molly Draben and James Stoutenborough

Subsurface Controls on Stream Intermittency in a Semi-Arid Landscape

PDF Poster (2017) — Jenna Dohman, Sarah Godsey, Rebecca Hale, Glenn Thackray, Katie Wright, Davian Martinex

Developing a Micro-Level Theory of Political Strategies within the Narrative Policy Framework

PDF Poster (2017) — Kellee Kirkpatrick, James Stoutenborough, Sarah Davis

Treasure Valley Water Atlas

PDF Poster (2017) — Jillian Moroney, Ana Costa, Christopher Torres, Jennifer Schneider, Shawn Benner

LiDAR Odometry and Mapping for Terrain Analysis from UAV

PDF Poster (2017) — Galen Cochrane, John Edwards, Donna Delparte

Applying Social-Ecological Networks to Analyze Collaborative Management in the High Divide

PDF Poster (2017) — Matt Clark, Vicken Hillis

Effects of Invasive Species on Native Fish in South Eastern Idaho

PDF Poster (2017) — Rachel Brinkley, Colden Baxter, James Paris

Urban Growth in the Coeur d’Alene Metropolitan Area

PDF Poster (2017) — Andrew Layton, Felix Liao

Influence of Residential Density on Perception of Ecosystem Services

PDF Poster (2017) — Stephen Joy, Donna Lybecker, Kathleen Lohse

An InVEST Modeling Approach Examining SES Boundaries

PDF Poster (2017) — Li Huang

Social Network Analysis of MILES

PDF Poster (2017) — Jocelyne Helbling, John Anderson, Karen Stephenson

How Does Vegetation Vary Along An Agriculturally Impacted Stream

PDF Poster (2017) — Kyndra Hawkes, Sarah Stalder, Rebecca Hale

Factors Influencing Denitrification in Agriculturally Adjacent Wetlands

PDF Poster (2017) — Karina Gutierrez, Austin Madsen, Leticia Camacho, and Rebecca Flock

Implementing Ecosystem Service Valuation into Land Trust Conservation in the Portneuf Watershed

PDF Poster (2017) — Dainee Gibson, Cristina Quintas-Soriano, Antonio Castro

Creating Connections between MILES Research and the Public

PDF Poster (2017) — Mary Lugg, Sarah Cross-Worthington, Teresa Cohn, Cindy Busche, Nellie Baker

Investigating Intrinsic, Instrumental, and Relational Values in the Henrys Fork Watershed

PDF Poster (2017) — Adam Eckersell, Cristina Quintas-Soriano, Dainee Gibson, Loni Nelson, Antonio Castro

Constructed Stormwater Wetlands in Semiarid Climates

PDF Poster (2017) — Carolyn Macek, Rebecca Hale, Colden Baxter, Morey Burnham

Farming Adaptations in the Face of Climate Change

PDF Poster (2017) — Rebecca Som Castellano and Jillian Moroney

Social Capital and Farmers’ Adaptive Responses to Water Restrictions

PDF Poster (2017) — Kathleen Shipley, Katrina Running, Morey Burnham, Margaret du Bray

SES Influence Ecosystem Service Perceptions: A PECS Approach

PDF Poster (2017) — Cristina Quintas-Soriano, Jodi Brandt, Katrina Running, Colden Baxter, Dainee Gibson, Jenna Narducci, Antonio Castro

Effects of Landscape Change on Amphibian and Reptile Occurrence in Idaho

PDF Poster (2017) — Charles Peterson, Patrick Giltz, Alex Heimerdinger, Chaz Noles, Alex Torres, Cody Feldman

Using SamplePoint to Determine Vegetation Percent Cover in a Sagebrush Steppe Ecosystem

PDF Poster (2017) — Silvia Perritte, Kate Carter-Cram, Nancy Glenn, and Lucas Spaete

Socio-Ecological Systems Delineation in Idaho

PDF Poster (2017) — Sue Parsons, Kathleen Lohse, Antonio Castro, Ken Aho

Does Outdoor Recreation Decrease Stress?

PDF Poster (2017) — Ellie Opdahl, Kathryn Demps, Julie Heath

Salmonflies: the Hidden Key to Family Cohesion

PDF Poster (2017) — Loni Nelson, Adam Eckersell, Antonio Castro, Cristina Quintas Soriano

Habitat Heterogeneity and Diversity of Insectivorous Birds in a River-Floodplain Mosaic

PDF Poster (2017) — Paige Miller, Jade Ortiz, Colden Baxter, Jeremy Starkey

Effectiveness of Restoration Using Water Quality in an Agriculturally Dominated Watershed

PDF Poster (2017) — Graham Meese, Ben Crosby

Cataloguing Water Resource Data: Who Has It, Where Is It, and How to Get It

PDF Poster (2017) — Karen Trebitz

Who Has Power on the Boise

PDF Poster (2017) — Christopher Torres, Ana Costa, Jennifer Schneider, Jullian Moroney

Landowner Perspectives on Water Quality Management in Marsh Creek

PDF Poster (2017) — Casey Taylor and Madison Shumway

Idaho Informed Recreation, Coeur d'Alene Basin: Decision Support Tool

PDF Poster (2017) — V.A. Suchar, R. Lew, K. Trebitz, A. Odell, M. Wiest

Drivers of Stream Metabolism in an Agricultural Semi-Arid Stream

PDF Poster (2017) — Sarah Stalder, Rebecca Hale, Benjamin Crosby, James Guilinger

Understanding Plant-Water Use Across the Snow-Rain Transition

PDF Poster (2017) — Katie Wright, Sarah Godsey, and John Whiting

Who should govern?: (De)centralization and perceptions of water management strategies

PDF Poster (2017) — Margaret du Bray, Morey Burnham, Katrina Running, and Vicken Hillis


A Participatory Mapping and Agent-Based Approach to Promote Coexistence Between Idaho Ranchers and Gray Wolves

PDF Poster (2016) — Alexander Killion and Neil Carter

Agriculture Transitions: Studying Water and Land-Use Change in Idaho's Treasure Valley

PDF Poster (2016) — Jillian Moroney

Impact of Risk Perception on Communication and Community Resilience Enhancement

PDF Poster (2016) — Tim Frazier, Courtney Thompson, Alycia Bean

BSU Data Management Services

PDF Poster (2016) — Jean Barney, Amber Sherman, Tory Jamison, Kyle Shannon

Ecosystems Services and Idaho Farmers

PDF Poster (2016) — Katrina Running, Jordan Burke, Kathleen Shipley, Tomas Cota (ISU)

The Data Map

PDF Poster (2016) — Carrie Roever (NKN)

A social-ecological investigation of riverine habitat complexity

PDF Poster (2016) — Jade Ortiz, Colden Baxter, Donna Lybecker (ISU)

Does Outdoor Recreation Decrease Stress

PDF Poster (2016) — Ellie Opdahl, Kathryn Demps, Julie Heath (BSU)

Assessing Teachers’ Environmental Citizenship Before and After an Adventure Learning Workshop

PDF Poster (2016) — Sarah Olsen, Karla Eitel, Brant Miller, AnaMonica Miller, LaKysha Harris, Jessica Sanow, Chris Wilson, Wyatt Vargas (UI), Rosemary Smith (ISU), Cindy Busche (City of Boise)

Stakeholder Values, Land Use, and Ecosystem Services Trade-offs

PDF Poster (2016) — Jenna Narducci (BSU), Jodi Brandt (BSU), Antonio Castro (ISU)

Agriculture Transitions: Studying Water and Land-Use Change in Idaho's Treasure Valley

PDF Poster (2016) — Jillian Moroney (BSU)

Seeing the Past, Envisioning the Future Portneuf River

PDF Poster (2016) — Connor Martin, Yolonda Youngs, Donna Delparte (ISU), Hannah Sanger (City of Pocatello)

Global research on urban ecosystem services during 1996-2015 (ISEED)

PDF Poster (2016) — Haifeng (Felix) Liao (UI), Li Huang (UI), Michail Fragkias (BSU), Danelle Larson (MN DNR)

Community engagement, advocacy, and the application of science in the Boise River Basin

PDF Poster (2016) — Vanessa Fry, Jen Schneider, Carl Anderson, Erik Olson, Eric Lindquist, Jared Talley (BSU)

Water Quality Experiential Learning Utilizing ARCS Pedagogical Model

PDF Poster (2016) — Rebecca Flock, Zach Sanchez, Dusty Perkins (CWI)

Drivers of land use change and ecosystem services change in 3 urban sites of Idaho

PDF Poster (2016) — Chris Felt (BSU)

Groundwater quality in the Portneuf Aquifer: expanding research on nitrate and emerging contaminants

PDF Poster (2016) — Jenna Dohman, Courtney Ohr, Sarah Godsey, John Welhan, Kathleen Lohse, James Stoutenborough, Donna Lybecker, Rebecca Hale, Danelle Larson (ISU)

Real-Time LiDAR Terrain Mapping and Analysis

PDF Poster (2016) — Galen Cochrane, Marko Sterbentz, John Edwards (ISU)


Environmental Impacts as Perceived by Different Recreation Groups (abstract)

PDF Poster (2015) — Hannah Brown, Robert Spaul, Monica Hubbard, Kathryn Demps, and Julie Heath (BSU)

The Distribution of Native Riverine Fishes in the Portneuf Drainage

PDF Poster (2015) — Cody Feldman and Charles Peterson (ISU)

Future climate change effects on regional hydrology in the Boise River Basin

PDF Poster (2015) — Amy Steimke (BSU), Alejandro Flores (BSU), Bangshuai Han (BSU), Andrea Leonard (BSU)

The Five-Feature Framework for Practical Stakeholder Engagement [Treasure Valley Project: Boise River Basin Water Management]

PDF Poster (2015) — Jared Talley (BSU), Jen Schneider (BSU), Eric Lindquist (BSU)

Habitat features predict the distribution of recreational shooters in the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area

PDF Poster (2015) — Emily Sun (BSU), Ben Pauli (BSU), Zoe Tinkle (BSU), Romaric Mukuna (BSU), Daniel Wolfe (BSU), Jennifer Forbey (BSU), Julie Heath (BSU)

The Effects of Motorized and Non-Motorized Recreation on the Breeding Ecology of a Shrub-steppe Raptor

PDF Poster (2015) — Robert Spaul (BSU), Julie Heath (BSU)

Human Disturbance and Golden Eagle Populations: Investigating the Effects of Recreation and Eagle Tolerance Using Individual-Based Models

PDF Poster (2015) — Ben Pauli (BSU), Robert Spaul (BSU), Julie Heath (BSU)

MILES Treasure Valley Research

PDF Poster (2015) — Shawn Benner (BSU)

Institute for STEM & Diverstiy Initiatives

PDF Poster (2015) — Donna Llewellyn (BSU), Catherine Bates (BSU)

Quantifying the impacts of climate change and farm management practices on crop yield and water use: a modeling approach

PDF Poster (2015) — Andrea Leonard (BSU), Alejandro Flores (BSU), Bangshuai Han (BSU), Amy Steimke (BSU)

Interactive and Immersive Visualizations for Human Environment Systems Data

PDF Poster (2015) — Josh Johnston (BSU), Eric Frey (BSU), Bangshuai Han (BSU), Camille Eddy (BSU), James Murray (BSU), Tim Wilder (BSU)

Treasure Valley Stakeholders: Public Perceptions of Water Resources

PDF Poster (2015) — Monica Hubbard (BSU), Jared Talley (BSU)

Managing Idaho's Landscapes for Ecosystem Services: Recreation and Wildlife on Public Lands

PDF Poster (2015) — Julie Heath (BSU), Kathryn Demps (BSU), Neil Carter (BSU), Jennifer Forbey (BSU), Ben Pauli (BSU)

Integrated Modeling of Social and Biophysical Processes Influencing Water Availability in Southwest Idaho: Update on Irrigation and Climate Change Integration

PDF Poster (2015) — Bangshuai Han (BSU), Alejandro Flores (BSU), Shawn Benner (BSU), Amy Steimke (BSU), Andrea Leonard (BSU), Khila Dahal (BSU), Josh Johnston (BSU)

Community engagement, advocacy, and the application of science in the Boise River Basin

PDF Poster (2015) — Vanessa Fry (BSU), Jen Schneider (BSU), Carl Anderson (BSU), Erik Olson (BSU), Eric Lindquist (BSU), Jared Talley (BSU)

Identifying and predicting stopping behavior of off-highway vehicles (OHV) recreationists using a presence-only model from ecology

PDF Poster (2015) — Eric Frey (BSU), Ben Pauli (BSU), Julie Heath (BSU), Kathryn Demps (BSU)

Urban Growth in the Treasure Valley of Idaho: Past, present and future

PDF Poster (2015) — Khila Dahal (BSU), Chris Felt (BSU), Eric Lindquist (BSU)

Osprey Habitat Suitability in West-Central Idaho: Impacts of Prey Abundance on Osprey Breeding Success

PDF Poster (2015) — Zach Sanchez (CWI), Annie Baxter (CWI), J. Tyrell Styhl (CWI), Dusty Perkins (CWI), Marc Bechard (BSU), Rob Miller (BSU)

Neil Carter - Research Lab

PDF Poster (2015) — Neil Carter (BSU)

Jodi Brandt- Research Lab

PDF Poster (2015) — Jodi Brandt (BSU)

Ecosystem Services and Idaho's Farmers

PDF Poster (2015) — Jordan Burke (ISU)

Complex controls on groundwater quality in growing mid-sized cities: a case study focused on nitrate and emerging contaminants

PDF Poster (2015) — Courtney (Ohr) Richards (ISU), Sarah Godsey (ISU), Danelle Larson (ISU), John Welhan (IGS), Kathleen Lohse (ISU), Dewayne Derryberry (ISU), Bruce Finney (ISU)

Public Attitudes toward the Portneuf River: Preliminary Results

PDF Poster (2015) — Jim Stoutenborough (ISU), Donna Lybecker (ISU), Mark McBeth (ISU)

Portneuf Valley Project: Science to inform natural resource decisions by stakeholders and citizens

PDF Poster (2015) — David Rodgers (ISU)

Living in the Phantom Gas Field: Physiological Responses of Sagebrush to Human Noise-Induced Changes in Arthropod Herbivory

PDF Poster (2015) — Maria Pacioretty (ISU), Elizeth Mejia (BSU), Jesse Barber (BSU), Marie-Anne de Graff (BSU), Keith Reinhardt (ISU)

Pocatello and Urban Form: 125 Years of Change

PDF Poster (2015) — Jared Ogle, Donna Delparte, Brock Lipple

Mismatches in Water Quality Data and Publc Perceptions of Rivers

PDF Poster (2015) — Danelle Larson (ISU), Rob Edsall (ISU), Jim Stoutenborough (ISU)

Social-Ecological Approaches to Watershed Science

PDF Poster (2015) — Rebecca Hale

Policy Narrative Strategy: The Communication Switch and Stakeholder Personal versus Public Communication Choices

PDF Poster (2015) — Sarah Davis (ISU), Mark McBeth (ISU), Donna Lybecker (ISU), James Stoutenborough (ISU)

The Social-Ecological Research Lab

PDF Poster (2015) — Antonio Castro (ISU)

Network Analysis for Assessment of Integration and Collaboration in Large Research Teams

PDF Poster (2015) — Jocelyne Helbling (UI), John Anderson (UI)

Fire Risk Assessment Under Future Climate for the Fernan Lake Watershed

PDF Poster (2015) — Anurag Srivastava (UI), Erin Brooks (UI)

Quantifying Sediment Budget Variability for the Fernan Lake Watershed

PDF Poster (2015) — Cody Parker (UI), Brian Yanites (UI)

The effects of ambient water quality and Eurasian milfoil on lakefront property values in the Coeur d'Alene area of Northern Idaho

PDF Poster (2015) — Haifeng (Felix) Liao (UI), Frank Wilhelm (UI

iSEED Year 3: A bibliometric analysis of the research on urban ecosystem services

PDF Poster (2015) — Haifeng (Felix) Liao (UI), Michail Fragkias (BSU), Danelle Larson (ISU), Li Huang (UI)

Science and local knowledge reciprocity: landowner-limnologist collaborations at Fernan Lake

PDF Poster (2015) — Trea LaCroix (UI), Frank Wilhelm (UI)

Network Analysis of Contributions to Kootenai Election Campaigns

PDF Poster (2015) — Jocelyne Helbling (UI), John Anderson (UI)

The Role of Perception in Natural Hazard Risk Assessment and Adaptation

PDF Poster (2015) — Alycia Bean (UI)

Science-driven Immersive Environments for Land Management Simulations

PDF Poster (2015) — Tim Wilder, Josh Johnston (BSU)

Re‐visioning the Portneuf River Channel

PDF Poster (2015) — Donna Delparte, Meg Tracy (ISU)


Recharge Processes in the Lower Portneuf River Valley Watershed

PDF Poster (2014) — John Welhan (IGS), Erica Dombrowski (ISU)

Assessing the Effects of Fuel Treatments on Sediment Production in the Fernan Lake Watershed using a Process-Based Modeling Framework

PDF Poster (2014) — Anurag Srivastava (UI), Erin Brooks (UI)

Automated Procedures for Visual Scenes of Scenario-based Models

PDF Poster (2014) — Tim Wilder, Josh Johnston (BSU)

Historical Landscape and Ecosystem Service Change in Pocatello, Idaho

PDF Poster (2014) — Brock Lipple (ISU)

Historical Landscape Change in Pocatello, Idaho Using ‘Structure-From-Motion’ Photogrammetry

PDF Poster (2014) — Meg Tracy, Brock Lipple (ISU)