Peer-Reviewed Publications


Integrated spatial analysis for human-wildlife coexistence in the American West

(2020)  Carter, et al.  |  External Link

Road development in Asia: Assessing the range-wide risks to tigers

(2020)  Carter, Killion, Easter, Brandt, Ford  |  External Link

Unlikely alliances and their implications for resource management in the American West

(2020)  Hillis, et al  |  External Link

Identifying emergent agent types and effective practices for portability, scalability, and intercomparison in water resource agent-based models

(2020)  Kaiser, Flores, Hillis  |  External Link

Assessing Teachers' Environmental Citizenship Based on an Adventure Learning Workshop: A Case Study from a SES Perspective

(2020)  Olsen, Miller, Eitel, Cohn  |  External Link

An interdisciplinary assessment of private conservation areas in the Western United States

(2020)  Quintas-Soriano, Gibson, Brandt, López-Rodríguez, Cabello, Aguilera, Castro  |  External Link

Modeling forest management effects on water and sediment yield from watersheds in the PNW using WEPP

(2020)  Srivastava, Brooks, Dobre, Elliot, Wu and others  |  External Link

Temperature controls production but hydrology regulates export of dissolved organic carbon at the catchment scale

(2020)  Wen, Perdrial, Abbott, Bernal, Dupas, Godsey, et al.  |  External Link


The Effect of Disturbance on Macroinvertebrate Community Structure in Northeastern Oregon

(2019)  Bowman, Latta, and Edgehouse  |  External Link

Effects of ecotourism on forest loss in the Himalayan biodiversity hotspot based on counterfactual analyses

(2019)  Brandt, Radeloff, Allendorf, Butsic, Roopsind  |  External Link

Effects of human‐induced prey depletion on large carnivores in protected areas

(2019)  Carter, Levin, Grimm  |  External Link

Bringing forecasting into the future: Using Google to predict visitation in U.S. national parks

(2019)  Clark, Wilkins, Dagan, Powell, Sharp, Hillis  |  External Link

Examining concern about climate change and local environmental changes from an ecosystem service perspective in the Western U.S.

(2019)  Cornella, Quintas-Soriano, Running, Castro  |  External Link

Quantifying the contribution of conservation easements to large-landscape conservation

(2019)  Graves, Williamson, Belote, Brandt  |  External Link

Dynamic stream network intermittence explains emergent dissolved organic carbon chemostasis in headwaters

(2019)  Hale and Godsey  |  External Link

Cultural ecosystem services provided by rivers across diverse social-ecological landscapes

(2019)  Hale, Cook, and Beltran  |  External Link

Including variability across climate change projections in assessing impacts on water resources

(2019)  Han, Benner, Flores  |  External Link

Using Motion-Activated Trail Cameras to Study Diet and Productivity of Cliff-Nesting Golden Eagles

(2019)  Harrison, Kochert, Pauli, and Heath  |  External Link

The American West as a social-ecological region: drivers, dynamics and implications for nested SES

(2019)  Jones, Abrams, Belote, Beltran, Brandt, Carter, Castro, and others  |  External Link

Human-carnivore relations: A systematic review

(2019)  Lozano, Olszańska, Morales-Reyes, Castro, and others  |  External Link

Dry Wetlands: Nutrient Dynamics in Ephemeral Constructed Stormwater Wetlands

(2019)  Macek, Hale, Baxter  |  External Link

Implications of urban growth and farmland loss for ecosystem services in the western U.S.

(2019)  Narducci, Quintas-Soriano, Castro, Som-Castellano, Brandt  |  External Link

Human Habitat Selection: Using Tools from Wildlife Ecology to Predict Recreation in Natural Landscapes

(2019)  Pauli, Sun, Tinkle, Forbey, Demps, Heath  |  External Link

Nitrous oxide from streams and rivers: A review of primary biogeochemical pathways and environmental variables

(2019)  Quick, Reeder, Farrell, Tonina, Feris, and Benner  |  External Link

Integrating supply and demand in ecosystem service bundles characterization across Mediterranean transformed landscapes

(2019)  Quintas-Soriano, García-Llorente, Norström, Meacham, Peterson, Castro  |  External Link

Farmer adaptation to reduced groundwater availability

(2019)  Running, Burnham, et al.  |  External Link


Post-war recovery of the African lion in response to large-scale ecosystem restoration

(2018)  Bouley, Poulos, Branco, Carter  |  External Link

Farming adaptations in the face of climate change

(2018)  Castellano and Moroney  |  External Link

Applying Place-Based Social-Ecological Research to Address Water Scarcity: Insights for Future Research

(2018)  Castro, Quintas-Soriano, Brandt, Atkinson, Baxter, and others  |  External Link

Climate change, cattle, and the challenge of sustainability in a telecoupled system in Africa

(2018)  Easter, Killion, and Carter  |  External Link

Co-occurrence of in-stream nitrogen fixation and denitrification across a nitrogen gradient in a western U.S. watershed

(2018)  Eberhard, Marcarelli, Baxter  |  External Link

A comparative study of urban fragmentation patterns in small and mid-sized cities of Idaho

(2018)  Felt, Fragkias, Larson, Liao, Lohse, and Lybecker  |  External Link

The influence of human disturbance on wildlife nocturnality

(2018)  Gaynor, Hojnowski, Carter, and Brashares  |  External Link

Themes in Community Resilience: A Meta-synthesis of 16 years of Idaho Community Reviews

(2018)  Hightree, Kliskey, Higgins, Alessa, Laninga, and Barrett  |  External Link

Conservation professionals agree on challenges to coexisting with large carnivores but not on solutions

(2018)  Lute, Carter, López-Bao, and Linnell  |  External Link

Farmland loss and concern in the Treasure Valley

(2018)  Moroney and Castellano  |  External Link

The contribution of predators and scavengers to human well-being

(2018)  O'Bryan, Braczkowski, Beyer, Carter, Watson, and McDonald-Madden  |  External Link

Social-ecological systems influence ecosystem service perception: a Programme on Ecosystem Change and Society (PECS) analysis

(2018)  Quintas-Soriano, Brandt, Running, Baxter, Gibson, Narducci, and Castro  |  External Link

Climate change, woodpeckers, and forests: Current trends and future modeling needs

(2018)  Walsh, Vierling, Strand, Bartowitz, Hudiburg  |  External Link

Information extraction and knowledge graph construction from geoscience literature

(2018)  Wang, Ma, Chen, and Chen  |  External Link


Interconnected place-based social–ecological research can inform global sustainability

(2017)  Balvanera, Calderón-Contreras, Castro, and others  |  External Link

Water availability limits tree productivity, carbon stocks, and carbon residence time in mature forests across the western US

(2017)  Berner, Law, and Hudiburg  |  External Link

Effects of national forest-management regimes on unprotected forests of the Himalaya

(2017)  Brandt, Allendorf, Radeloff, and Brooks  |  External Link

Evolution and Complexity in Biota and Human Cultures

(2017)  Carter, N.H.  |  External Link

Spatial, Temporal and Hierarchical Variability of the Factors Driving Urban Growth: A Case Study of the Treasure Valley of Idaho

(2017)  Dahal and Lindquist  |  External Link

Looking to the past to shape the future: addressing social-ecological change and adaptive trade-offs

(2017)  Grier, Alessa, and Kliskey  |  External Link

Does the ecological concept of disturbance have utility in urban social–ecological–technological systems?

(2017)  Grimm, Pickett, Hale, and Cadenasso  |  External Link

Coupling biophysical processes and water rights to stimulate spatially distributed water use in an intensively managed hydrologic system

(2017)  Han, Benner, Bolte, Vache, and Flores  |  External Link

Investigating aquatic insect emergence: A demonstration of the 5E learning cycle

(2017)  Heinrich, Robson, and Baxter  |  External Link

Fire-regime variability impacts forest carbon dynamics for centuries to millennia

(2017)  Hudiburg, Higuera, and Hicke  |  External Link

The social inefficiency of regulating indirect land use change due to biofuels

(2017)  Khanna, Wang, Hudiburg, DeLucia  |  External Link

Using Visual Exploratory Data Analysis to Facilitate Collaboration and Hypothesis Generation in Cross-Disciplinary Research

(2017)  Ma, Hummer, Golden, Fox, Hazen, Morrison, Downs, Madhikarmi, Wang, and Meyer  |  External Link

Linked Geoscience Data in practice: where W3C standards meet domain knowledge, data visualization and OGC standards

(2017)  Ma, X.  |  External Link

Delineating boundaries of social-ecological systems for landscape planning

(2017)  Martín-López, Palomo, García-Llorente, Iniesta-Arandía, Castro, Garcia Del Amo, Gómez-Baggethun, and Montes  |  External Link

Simulations reveal the power and peril of artificial breeding sites for monitoring and managing animals

(2017)  McClure, Pauli, and Heath  |  External Link

Quantifying the sustainability of urban growth and form through time: An algorithmic analysis of a city's development

(2017)  Ogle, Delparte, and Sanger  |  External Link

Remote-sensing based approach to forecast habitat quality under climate change scenarios

(2017)  Requena-Mullor, Lopez, Castro, Sequra-Alcaraz, Castro, Reyes, and Cabello  |  External Link

Earlier nesting by generalist predatory bird is associated with human responses to climate change

(2017)  Smith, Steenhof, McClure, and Heath  |  External Link

Effects of fire radiative energy density doses on Pinus contorta and Larix occidentalis seedling physiology and mortality

(2017)  Smith, Talhelm, Johnson, and others  |  External Link

Impacts of fire radiative flux on mature Pinus ponderosa growth and vulnerability to secondary mortality agents

(2017)  Sparks, Smith, Talhelm, Kolden, Yedinak, and Johnson  |  External Link

Flushing responses of Golden Eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) in response to recreation

(2017)  Spaul and Heath  |  External Link

Modeling Streamflow in a Snow-Dominated Forest Watershed Using the Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP) Model

(2017)  Srivastava, Wu, Elliot, Brooks, and Flanagan  |  External Link

Integration and scaling of UV-B radiation effects on plants: the relative sensitivity of growth forms and interspecies interactions

(2017)  Suchar and Robberecht  |  External Link

An exploration of the spatiotemporal and demographic patterns of Ebola Virus Disease epidemic in West Africa using open access data sources

(2017)  Suchar, Aziz, Bowe, Burke, and Wiest  |  External Link

Integrating Participatory Mapping Through a Web Application to Enable Public Involvement in City Planning: The Portneuf River Vision Study.

(2017)  Wu, Delparte, Sanger, Boyack, Ogle, Richardson  |  External Link


Incorporating Community-based Observing Networks and Systems

(2016)  Alessa, Williams, Kliskey, and Beaujean  |  External Link

Fostering Resilience and Sustainability in Midsize Cities

(2016)  Allen, Birge, Bartelt-Hunt, and others  |  External Link

A typology for complex social-ecological systems in mountain communities

(2016)  Altaweel, Virapongse, Griffith, Alessa, and Kliskey  |  External Link

Deforestation and timber production in Congo after implementation of sustainable forest management policy

(2016)  Brandt, Nolte, and Agrawal  |  External Link

Water management decision-making in the face of multiple forms of risk and uncertainty

(2016)  Burnham, Ma, Endter-Wada, and Bardsley  |  External Link

Assessing the impact of acute disturbances on the structure and composition of a coral community using innovative 3D reconstruction techniques

(2016)  Burns, Delparte, Kapono, Belt, Gates, and Takabayashi  |  External Link

Gendered perceptions of tigers in Chtiwan National Park, Nepal

(2016)  Carter and Allendorf  |  External Link

Mainstreaming Coexistence with Wildlife: Reply to Gallagher

(2016)  Carter and Linnell  |  External Link

Co-Adaptation is Key to Coexisting with Large Carnivores

(2016)  Carter and Linnell  |  External Link

A conceptual framework for understanding illegal killing of large carnivores

(2016)  Carter, López-Bao, Bruskotter, and others  |  External Link

Willingness to Pay for Ecosystem Services Among Stakeholder Groups in a South-Central U.S. Watershed with Regional Conflict

(2016)  Castro, Vaughn, Garcia-Llorente, and others  |  External Link

Social demand of ecosystem services and implications in watershed management

(2016)  Castro, Vaughn, Julian, and Garcia-Llorente  |  External Link

Analyzing Spatiotemporal Patterns of Urbanization in Treasure Valley, Idaho, USA

(2016)  Dahal, Benner, and Lindquist  |  External Link

Promoting Geoscience STEM Interest in Native American Students

(2016)  Delparte, Richardson, Eitel, Matsaw, and Cohn  |  External Link

The value of time in biological conservation and supplied ecosystem servicese

(2016)  García-Llorente, Castro, A.J., and others  |  External Link

Social Network Analysis for assessing research team collaboration and implementation capacity

(2016)  Helbling and Anderson  |  External Link

Impacts of a 32-billion-gallon bioencery landscape on land and fossil fuel use in the US

(2016)  Hudiburg, Wang, Khanna, Long  |  External Link

Toward Human-Carnivore Coexistence: Understanding Tolerance for Tigers in Bangladesh

(2016)  Inskip, Carter, RIley, Roberts, and MacMillan  |  External Link

A science of integration: frameworks, processes, and products in place-based, integrative study

(2016)  Kliskey, Alessa, Wandersee, and others  |  External Link

The Role of HCI in Cross-Sector Research on Grand Challenges

(2016)  Lew, Lau, Boring, and Anderson  |  External Link

Bathymetric modeling of sediments and organic carbon of polluted rivers in southeastern China

(2016)  Li, Wu, Thring, Delparte, and Li  |  External Link

The Effects of Ambient Water Quality and Eurasian Watermilfoil on Lakefront Property Values in Cd'A

(2016)  Liao, Wilhelm, and Solomon  |  External Link

Do We Understand What the Public Hears? Stakeholders’ Preferred Communication Choices for Discussing River Issues with the Public

(2016)  Lybecker, McBeth, Stoutenborough  |  External Link

Drought resistance across California ecosystems: evaluating changes in carbon dynamics using satellite imagery

(2016)  Malone, Tulbure, and others  |  External Link

Laboratory experiments to estimate interception of infrared radiation by tree canopies

(2016)  Matthews, Strand, Smith, Hudak, and others  |  External Link

Do stakeholders analyze their audience? The communication switch and stakeholder personal versus public communication choices

(2016)  McBeth, Lybecker, Stoutenborough  |  External Link

Content matters: Stakeholder assessment of river stories or river science

(2016)  McBeth, Lybecker, Stoutenborough, Davis, Running  |  External Link

Detectability of migrating raptors and its effect on bias and precision of trend estimates

(2016)  Nolte, Bart, Pauli, Kaltenecker, and Heath  |  External Link

Forecasting disturbance effects on wildlife: tolerance does not mitigate effects of increased recreation on wildlands

(2016)  Pauli, Spaul, and Heath  |  External Link

Impacts of land use change on ecosystem services and implications for human well-being in Spanish drylands

(2016)  Quintas-Soriano, Castro, Castro, Garcia-Llorente  |  External Link

Landscape influence on the feeding habits of European badger (Meles meles) in arid Spain

(2016)  Requena-Mullor, Lopez, Castro, Virgos, and Castro  |  External Link

Perceptions of Environmental Change and Climate Concern Among Idaho’s Farmers

(2016)  Running, Burke, and Shipley  |  External Link

The Science of Firescapes: Achieving Fire-Resilient Communities

(2016)  Smith, Kolden, Paveglio, and others  |  External Link

Towards a new paradigm in fire severity research using dose-response experiments

(2016)  Smith, Sparks, Kolden and others  |  External Link

The ability of winter grazing to reduce wildfire size and fire-induced plant mortality was not demonstrated

(2016)  Smith, Talhelm, Kolden and others  |  External Link

Spectral indices accurately quantify changes in tree physiology following fire: toward mechanistic assessments of landscape post-fire carbon cycling

(2016)  Sparks, Kolden, Talhelm, Smith, and others  |  External Link

Climate change perceptions of New York State farmers: the role of risk perceptions and adaptive capacity

(2016)  Takahashi, Burnham, Terracina-Hartman, and Selfa  |  External Link

Stakeholder engagement in natural resource management: the Five-Feature Framework

(2016)  Talley, Schneider, and Lindquist  |  External Link

A social-ecological systems approach for environmental management

(2016)  Virapongse, Brooks, Covelli Metcalf, Zedalis, Gosz, Kliskey, Alessa  |  External Link

The making of a sustainable wireless city? Mapping public Wi-Fi access in Shanghai

(2016)  Wang, Liao, Lin, Huang, Gu  |  External Link


A Critical Assessment of the Ecological Assumptions Underpinning Compensatory Mitigation of Salmon-Derived Nutrients

(2015)  Collins, Marcarelli, Baxter and Wipfli  |  External Link

Remote Sensing and Ecosystem Services: Current Status and Future Opportunities for the Study of Bees and Pollination-Related Services

(2015)  Galbraith, Vierling, Bosque-Perez  |  External Link

Combined Impact of Catchment Size, Land Cover and Precipitation on Streamflow and Stream Nitrogen

(2015)  Gallo, Meixner, Aoubid, Lohse, Brooks  |  External Link

Implications of management policies on groundwater levels in the Texas High Plains

(2015)  Hernandez, Gowda, Marek, Howell, Ha  |  External Link

Technology-Enriched STEM Investigations of Place

(2015)  Hougham, Eitel, and Miller  |  External Link

Indicators of Climate Change in Idaho: An Assessment Framework for Coupling Biophysical Change and Social Perception

(2015)  Klos, Abatzoglou, Bean, Blades, and others  |  External Link

Aboveground biomass estimates of sagebrush using LiDAR data in a dryland ecosystem

(2015)  Li, Glenn, Olsoy, Mitchell, and Shrestha  |  External Link

Administrative hierarchy and urban land expansion in transitional China

(2015)  Li, Wei, Liao, and Huang  |  External Link

Space, scale, and regional inequality in provincial China: A spatial filtering approach

(2015)  Liao and Wei  |  External Link

Adventure Learning as a curricular approach that transcends geographies and connects people to place

(2015)  Miller, Cox, Hougham, Walden, Eitel, Albano  |  External Link

Scholarly motivations to conduct interdisciplinary climatechange research

(2015)  Milman, Marston, Godsey, Bolson, Jones, and Weiler  |  External Link

Changing habitat use assoc w/ distributional shifts of wintering raptors

(2015)  Paprocki, Glenn, Atkinson, Strickler, Watson, and Heath  |  External Link

Enhancements to WEPP for Modeling Large Snow-Dominated Mountainous Forest Watersheds

(2015)  Srivastava, Wu, Elliot, and Brooks  |  External Link

Revisiting River Management Options: Stakeholders, Levees, and Public Policy

(2015)  Stoutenborough  |  External Link

Elevation-dependent responses of streamflow to climate warming

(2015)  Tennant, Crosby, and Godsey  |  External Link

Lessons learned from the design and development of technology-enhanced outdoor learning experiences

(2015)  Veletsianos, Miller, Eitel, Eitel, Hougham, and Hansen  |  External Link


A framework for the development of the SERV model: A Spatially Explicit Resilience-Vulnerability model

(2014)  Frazier, Thompson, and Dezzani  |  External Link

Aboveground total and green biomass of dryland shrub derived from terrestrial laser scanning

(2014)  Olsoy, Glenn, Clark, and Derryberry  |  External Link

Remote sensing of vegetation structure, function, and condition: Special issue

(2014)  Smith, Falkowski, Greenberg, and Tinkham  |  External Link

Remote sensing the vulnerability of vegetation in natural terrestrial ecosystems

(2014)  Smith, Kolden, Tinkham, Talhelm, Marshall, Hudak, Boschetti, and others  |  External Link

Quantifying spatial distribution of snow depth errors from LiDAR using Random Forest

(2014)  Tinkham, Smith, Marshall, Link, Falkowski, and Winstral  |  External Link


Can replacement of native by non-native trout alterstream-riparian food webs?

(2013)  Benjamin, Lepori, Baxter, and Fausch  |  External Link

A lightweight, low cost autonomously operating terrestrial laser scanner for quantifying and monitoring ecosystem structural dynamics

(2013)  Eitel, Vierling, and Magney  |  External Link

Opportunities and constraints to hazard mitigation planning

(2013)  Frazier, Walker, Kumari, and Thompson  |  External Link

Is burn severity related to fire intensity? Observations from landscape scale remote sensing

(2013)  Heward, Smith, Roy, Tinkham, Hoffman, Morgan, and Lannom  |  External Link

Identifying sources and processes influencing nitrogen export to a small stream using dual isotopes of nitrate

(2013)  Lohse, Sanderman, and Amundson  |  External Link

Single and Multi-Date Landsat Classifications of Basalt to Support Soil Survey Efforts

(2013)  Mitchell, Shrestha, Moore-Ellison, and Glenn  |  External Link

Quantification of fuel moisture effects on biomass consumed derived from fire radiative energy retrievals

(2013)  Smith, Tinkham, Roy, Boschetti, and others  |  External Link

A Methodology to Characterize Vertical Accuracies in Lidar-derived Products at Landscape Scales

(2013)  Tinkham, Hoffman, Falkowski, Smith, Marshall, and Link  |  External Link